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SURE – Universal Remote is always

SURE Universal Remote is always with
you and controls both smart and
legacy appliances.

sure phones

For All Appliances


For All Appliances

SURE Universal Remote can control appliances such as air conditioners, projectors and LED lights

For Smart Appliances


For Smart Appliances

SURE Universal Remote can control smart appliances like Apple TV, Samsung Smart TV and LG Smart TV

Always with You


Always with You

SURE Universal Remote runs on your smartphone and therefore it is always with you

SURE – Thousands of Appliances

SURE Universal Remote Supports Thousands of Appliances

With SURE Universal Remote you can connect directly to Smart TVs and Media Streamers

Smart TV

Philips Hue

Media Streamer

Cable box

Disc player

Air Conditioner


AV receiver

RGB led bulb

Ready to Try?

Ready to Try?


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